Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

The hardest part of starting a new Blue Jays blog has to be the fact that we won't have a rich, frothy double-velvet smooth auto-pilot post every fifth day for the better half of the year.  There will be no T-1000s sporting a curiously-intimidating chinstrap and a penchant for poorly-conceived youth-oriented baseball apparel for us ignorant tools. (Oh, I just got that. It's a pun. It's clever, see?) But just then thoughts shift to all the fodder for the Nancies, with not only three young players to second-guess and cannibalize, but literally tens of other players discussed in the molds Woulda, Coulda, and Shoulda.  Marvelous. 

We like to take the business approach to baseball.  Ball players are assets, containing both intrinsic and monetary value.  Sell high.  Buy low.  Buy a Beemer, but not before the home is gutted and upgraded.  Defense matters. Prospects are overrated.  Everything we knew about baseball statistics for the first 150 or so years doesn't really matter.

Bang-bang plays at first base. Striking out the side.  Nineteen-Ninety-Two and Three.  Triples.  Pretty girls wearing Jays jerseys.  Brooks Kieschnick.  Yeah, I think we'll make do.

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